Please join as a community in taking a stand for the preservation 
of Ventura's Art City. 

Art City (www.artcitystudios.com) is at a critical stage. 
There are immediate funding needs for re-building and restoration 
of the studio facilities.
The San Buenaventura Artists' Union has arranged to accept 
tax deductible donations for Art City while it continues its 
application for nonprofit status for Art City Inventura. 

Donations can be made by check, cash or money order 
payable to San Buenaventura Artists Union:

San Buenaventura Artists Union
c/o Dona Wieckowski
1684 Poli Street
Ventura, CA 93001 
Each donation will be forwarded to Art City and an 
acknowledgement letter will be issued by the 
San Buenaventura Artists' Union for tax purposes.
For more information please call:
 Dona Wieckowski - 805 648.7544 
Paul Lindhard - 805 653.6380 
Russel Erickson - 805 648.1690
This web site will be updated as more information 
becomes available. Please visit often for current and 
evolving fundraising and activities information.


If you would like to help, please tell us in the comment form below what skills you’d like to share in rebuilding Art City or what ideas you’d like to help work on.

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