Avant-Garde Photography & Video Screening

(Fri) Jun 15, 8-9:30 pm

Live Q & A with Director, Steve Aguilar

art city gallery
197 dubbers st., ventura, ca, usa

Steve Aguilar is a multi media artist, skilled in performance art, video production, photography, and music. He has been active in the Ventura art scene since the early 90’s. Whether he is behind the scenes or performing on stage Steve has always supported other artists in the many productions he has been involved in throughout the years. Steve believes in building a creative force within himself and using his life and the world around him as his canvas. His objective is to inspire creative expression and to continuously reinvent himself as a creative force.

Art Gulag 1992 Producer, performer
Solimar Café 1994 Set builder/camera
Plaza Players Theater 1992 actor set builder
Hearing is Believing 2016 Camera
Bowl full o blues 1992 videography
Dead Sullivan show 2016 actor
Theatro de las Americas 2015 set builder/lighting assisstant
Blacksheep video 2016 producer/writer
Gramp rap video 2015 producer/writer
Duck video 2017 producer/writer
Shyanne video 2017 producer

Born Lincoln heights Calif. 09 14 52

Burbank High school

Valley college

Ventura college

Steve Aguilar said, “I lack exhibits”.


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