This exhibition is dedicated to the memory of artist and publisher Joe Cardella. Several members of our community will speak about Cardella tomorrow evening at the Opening Ceremonies of Bad Exhibition: Value in Art (Sat) May 19, 2018. Two of Cardella’s artworks are in this exhibition featuring three decades of avant-garde art practice in Ventura and Santa Barbara, USA, as well as in Sichuan, China.

Three courageous events in three days. While Bad Exhibition: Value in Art Opening Ceremonies (Sat) May 19, 6-9 pm & Artists Talk (Mon) May 21, 7-9 pm are both free events; Bad: Afterparty (Sat) May 19, 9-12 pm suggests a $5-10 donation.

Art City Gallery
197 Dubbers St.
Ventura, CA, USA 93001

“I have used the word avant-garde a number of times in talking about Bad Exhibition: Value in Art, though I know it’s a pretentious and problematic word. This is precisely what I want to talk about. What would it mean to talk about a 1980’s and 1990’s avant-garde in Ventura and Santa Barbara as distinct from L.A., for example? Southwest China early 1990’s avant-garde as distinct from Xiamen Dada, mid-80’s?”

Excerpt from Curatorial Essay
Sophia Kidd, May 18, 2018



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