Bad Exhibition: Value in Art Featured Artist of the Day:

mike bauer

painting & poetry

my painting, my art. mike bauer.

start with the truth that the brush mark is the painting, that the painting is something held in something — a frame; a room, city square, starry night, these are frames. that the paint mark, the first stroke, is the finished painting. realize that truth, live with that humble truth. then, actually make the painting. it takes eons. the mark evolves or erodes, becomes the emblem: the thing in the art — the figure — a person, clouds, painterly motions — they’re the content, and the content reflects the primary gesture on the board, reflects what you made. reflects the first stroke, and how you made it. the painting is a picture of the artist making the painting — a hologram of the artist’s personality.

the emblem falls off the board if it’s not held there by the viewer… distractions, so many flecks and noises in the atmosphere surround what we feel and see — we’re in a bowl of motion. i scrape down, like a miner opening a vein: somewhere, on the painting, is another painting. i was so stupid not to see it. understanding that, that’s when art becomes art and not copy xerox; when art is as complicated and compassionate and angry in the image as it is in the viewer’s consciousness and spirit. that’s something the artist has to find in the painting. working, making the art, it can’t be anticipated. icon and narrative, river rock and river passing. i don’t mean to sound quite so metaphysical about it all though. my paintings are mediational icons showing time standing around, looking for someone to give him a cigarette. praise shri time ( again and again, since that’s kind of the point. )

oil, powdered pigments and vinyl tape on plastic coated particle board ( melamine board. )

james michael bauer born june 24, 1946. salt lake city, utah.

BA, art history and MA, masters in art, humboldt state university.

collection J. Paul Getty Museum

collection Paul F. Walters

Bad Exhibition: Value in Art
Opening Ceremony
May 19th 6-10 pm.
Red Carpet Moment from 6-7 pm
Sign an original MB Hanrahan mural
& Vogue for the Photographer!

Art City Gallery
197 Dubbers St.
Ventura, CA, USA



three to go ( full ).jpg

Enter a 3 to go (strafer) mike bauer, 3 to go (strafer), oil and vinyl on melamine panel, 84 x 40 cm, 2010-2016, nfscaption

bric 19 poems & images by mike bauer
edition of 200 published for release at bad exhibition: value in art, art city gallery, ventura, ca, usa, may 2018


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