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Join us for Art City Gallery Artists Talk: Rugged Tableau, in conversation with Paul Lindhard about  ‘Topographies in Stone’; and John White about recent paintings and mixed-media artworks. Moderated by Dr. Sophia Kidd.

Auction of one artwork by each of the masters.
Free door prize ticket for first 20 guests in the gallery.

(Sun) March 11, 2018
Gather at 5 pm
Talk starts promptly at 6, to 7 pm

Art City Gallery

197 Dubbers St.
Ventura, CA 93001
(805) 648-1690


Ventura-based Paul Lindhard has been an artist, sculptor, studio builder, producer and patron of the arts for over 50 years. He has dozens of monumental scale permanent public and private installations throughout Western United States, with a majority of works in Ventura City and County.

The artist is always questioning nature within stone, sourcing and collecting stone with an awareness of shapes stone moves through. In the past two decades Paul Lindhard has made stone tables that invoke the landscape of their stone material origins. These tables are not flat or overly useful as tables. Their surfaces, edges and pedestals are shaped instead to optimize the beauty of each element. The artist has collected these pieces from remote, wild and rugged places.

A second series has evolved from this practice. Lindhard has evolved miniature topographies presented on pedestals, preserving exotic weathering and texture on their uppermost surface while sides are carved and polished to expose rare and beautiful inner stone. These sculptures make a salient counterpart to larger semi-functional pieces.

John M. White is a painter, sculptor and performance artist. Some years ago, while living in Solimar Beach, White began looking at the detritus washed up on the sand: seaweed, driftwood, shells, etc. The resultant paintings were poetic and suggestive rather than descriptive. They established the foundation for the three series he has recently produced: the large abstract paintings titled Bird Opera; the smaller black and white drawings on newsprint, Sinking Titanic with Short Stories; and the mid-sized mixed-media works, Selfie Notes with Pyramids, Portraits and Passing Clouds, that combine elements of the other two series, . The three titles are revealing. (excerpted from: Betty Brown, Color Dance: Recent Works by John White)

Considered one of the seminal California performance artists, White has staged hundreds of public performances since 1967, and is included in numerous public museum collections, including Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Guggenheim Museum in New York, La Foret Museum in Tokyo, and Total Museum Sponsored by the Getty. White was included in three major exhibitions, Museum of Contemporary Art curated by Paul Shimmel, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions , and Pomona.

Rugged Tableau exhibition will run thru March 18th.


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