Art City cares about community engagement when it comes to seeking climate change solutions. Many artists at Art City Studios incorporate up-cycled and natural found materials into their artworks. We look forward to Professor Robert Chianese’s talk at Patagonia in Ventura this week on how Eco-Art can inform new and more sustainable life practices. A regular contributor to Scientific American, Chianese focuses on what he calls ‘sci-art’, bringing discourses from both sciences and humanities together into one reasonable, yet creative, conversation.

Eco-Art Can Reveal Unique Climate Change Solutions

An Interactive Presentation with Robert Chianese, PhD

(Thu) Mar 8, 2018 7-8:30 pm

Patagonia, Ventura

235 W Santa Clara St.

Benefiting Citizens for Responsible Oil and Gas (CFROG)




One thought on “Eco-Art Can Reveal Unique Climate Change Solutions

  1. someone should contact Mr. Campbell at Campbell Ranch in Ventura. He is having to cut down tall wind break trees. They can’t be sold for firewood. Maybe there are artist who could use the wood before it gets ground into pulp.

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