Party For the End of Fake News

(Sat) Dec 9. 2017

8 pm

197 Dubbers St

Ventura, CA, USA


“Party for the Death of Fake News.

Enhanced with some bands and some brews.

Come and let go of what they want you to know.

We will filter the lies through our psychedelic eyes.
And dance all night to the truth.”

DJ Set: DownNgoinG

Live Music including:
Herbal Rootz #herbalrootz
The Camp Fierro Lisausky Trio
Art City Monsters

Join us this Saturday night Under The Bed for an evening of live music, performance art, craft vending and spontaneous outbursts of psychedelic truth.  Experience live music, screen printing, craft vending, performance art and spontaneous outbursts of psychedelic authenticity.  In the smouldering of Mother Nature’s burn, we celebrate the roots of authenticity.  What we have is each other and unrelenting hope. Amidst embers, we come together with the realization of what really matters…our mutual connections.

Under The Bed is a production space for contributing artists to create share and expand their personal vision through collective action.  Affiliated with Art City as an extension of the city’s cultural past, present, and future.

Kevin Carman’s installation, Jellies, is being exhibited at Under the Bed for the Death of Fake News party. This artwork is composed of five large hanging stone and shell sculptures, the most visually stunning iteration of this collection yet. Carman shows never before exhibited paintings along with his more iconic language-on-canvas artworks.


This is a private event Facebook RSVP to attend

or e-mail


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