By: Jay Dynomite @ Art City

Art is the manifestation of light, color, and sound used to relay a message that reflects the power of its most intrinsic and cosmic driving element and force: Emotion~

Prolific and spiritual artists are in many cases devoted and even possessed by their revelations and urges to create. They are fueled by atomic emotional transformations, seeking the best way to portray the energy that moved them to their craft, that naturally guides them into a realm of originality.

They find pieces of light, color and sound, like forms of alchemy, and shape-shift their emotional experiences into the finite, where they have sometimes worked tediously and for years and even lifespans to produce, not just an equivalent to, but an actual physical and spiritual representation of a living dream, or piece of their enigmatic world; a form of astral-projection. Which it is.

How is that possible? Same as the telepathy you and I are now sharing as you read the words with your mind on my page that are coming out of my mind at this moment. We did not share a verbal or physical encounter for this to transpire nor did we have to schedule a meeting or know what we look like.

In this we see the universally infinite variables of our understandings.

A blotch of orange paint across a piece of tinfoil on the coffee-house wall may only take a person’s imagination and appreciation as far as remembering the spaghetti sauce they forgot to clean off the counter that morning…

They might ask the young barista girl making their latte Who’s the person you’re letting hang trash all over the walls?

But the actual energy and molecular structure of the light and dark energy used to create the orange blot on tinfoil, the sound, intention, the blood cells that coursed through the veins of the artist, the life-forces that orbited around the creator’s ferocious encounters with agony and symphonic moments of ecstasy that compelled them to share the

Kenneth Milton Palm Frond Series

orange blot, may have been the last sunset they shared with their five-year-old brother who would die from leukemia the next day…

Power and Emotion: The result and many purposes for art.

The artist the customer boisterously complained about may have been the young barista girl they were asking.


Jay Dynomite & Soph D. Astrix

Jay Dynomite & Soph D. Astrix





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