Who were the Toltecs?

Don Miguel Ruiz is the author of “The Four Agreements” I have been prompted and inspired to share the substance of this story; the message and insight we can connect to as artists.

The Toltecs were a secret underground society of Native Americans that span back to the days of the Anasazi and Fremont Indians that were roaming the American continents 20,000 years ago.

The word “TOLTEC” means: Artist.

It was a secret group of artists that believed some of the rituals and practices of their tribes may have had religious overtones that were too serious, or perhaps not authentic to real spiritual needs and nutrients for the soul. So they created this society, in secret, and passed along their love and knowledge through Art and Music.

They may be considered the equivalent of the rebellious punk rock scene of the 70s. They knew and connected to something more real than what was being presented by the collective belief systems of their tribes, and knowingly objected to it through their lifestyles and craft.

I could not find a more fascinating story about history and how people coped with their political and ritualistic surroundings.

To think that artists were the ones who shared their timeless work and efforts. That you can hike the rural canyons of Utah, New Mexico, Arizona and other places in our own nation, and find remnants of their existence and life journeys painted on the walls, or symbols etched into cave rocks.

Amazing. I would like to host a group that would like to discuss our role and significance as artists in society, and who we are in a realistic sense, not ethereal. If you are interested in helping me create this group, (we can also discuss artwork and other literature that pertains to creative progress and sustaining cultural necessity) please contact me at: jbdynomite@gmail.com

Jay Dynomite


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