Thursday, April 27 – John White & Open Mic
EP Foster Library in the Topping Room
poetry every Thursday at 7:30pm
651 E. Main Street – Ventura
host: Friday Gretchen

John White


are a great source for me
tire marks soft shoulder remnants
cars speeding in and out of lanes
hub caps paint spills lonely shoes
to name a few

John White at the Askew poetry reading

John White – Birds on Wires

future featured readers at the library:

May 4 Jerry Garcia
May 11 Joy Manesiotis
May 18 Ron Koertge
May 25 Paul Willis
June 1 Mary Ann McFadden
June 15 Larry Colker
June 22 Kurt Olsson
July 6 Cynthia Anderson
July 13 Lee Herrick
July 20 Lee Rossi
July 27 Angle of Reflection anthology
August 3 Richard Robbins and Candace Black
August 10 Alexis Rhone Fancher
October 5 Christopher Buckley
October 12 Mary Kay Rummel
November 16 Tree Bernstein


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