Art City painter, sculptor and performance artist Kevin Carman on intentionality in his painting vis a vis his stone sculpting.

This mode of art production is something I’m studying closely at Art City. When I was young (17 years old) I came to Ventura and spent quite a bit of time with Art City artists. I then went out into the world thinking that this was how art, or good art, was made. After spending time with artists in other countries, such as China and the U.K., I began to see that other artists had very well articulated methodologies for art production that involved planning and theory in addition to craftsmanship.

The big lesson for me was that Ventura, CA was unique in that many artists in this Southern Californian town take this particular approach of ‘no conscious intention’ as they both live their lives and produce their art. This short video is part of a series I will be publishing here based on an interview with the artist conducted at Art City Studios in early April of 2017.

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