Trippers Hollow 9th Annual Spring Dance Party was brought to us by Mic Dept, the deft hand behind Ventura’s underground scene since the late 1980’s. I found myself witnessing rhythms throughout the day of Art City artists bringing their endless toil and rumination to a pause as they prepared themselves for the evening celebration.

Highlights: I purchased A.B.’s first painting, and filmed him signing it.

Kevin Carman christened Art City’s new gallery space with his recent word painting series.

Kenny was kind enough to prepare fish tacos in the communal kitchen, although he burned up the grill real bad somehow. Monica was pulling the proverbial rabbit out of the hat.

Dan was the Mad Hatter in p.j.’s, rocking up as part of a resuscitated First Friday bike ride on his lounge lizard musical bike.

Jason Brock revealed his d.j. altar ego as Spinning Merkaba.

Dose Bros twisted our dancing legs round our egos.

Art City founder, Paul Lindhard and Art City first lady, Lori Lindhard arrived around ten p.m. to the tilting dance of ascension.

Truths: We are not alone, but we are all alone.


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