It’s that time of the year again – Friday March 18th 2016. afternoon to midnight.

A celebration of the Spring Equinox, or in this case a Spring “Prequinox” celebration.

This is an outdoor event. Dress accordingly, costumes always welcome !
Bring flashlights, food, fun, folding chair, and your dancing shoes !
There will be live music, DJ’s, performance art, fire, in Ventura’s most unique outdoor Art Garden.
Get down and dirty working in the garden in the afternoon. Relax and boogie under the stars at night.
This event is free, bringing the Ventura, and Ojai arts community together.
Gardening activity is in the afternoon. music starts at 4pm.
4 to 6 – DJ music TBA
6 to 7 – Country Fresh – Dj set
7 to 8 – SpinningMerkaba – Dj set
8 to 8:15 – Shift Register – live set
8:15 to 9 – Country Fresh – Dj set
9 to 9:15 – Kevin Carman – live performance
9:15 to 10 – The Wildermens – live set
The Wildermens – live performance
10 to 11 – DownNgoinG – Dj set
Red Grass Intermission – live performance
11 to 12 – The Wildermens – DJ set
Hope to see you there ! Tell your friends

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