If you have a vision, how do you choose a medium for it? Or does the medium hit you like a ton of blue marble, a strong santa ana summer wind, a row of gallery lights, video lenz or people who come to see you perform?

Kevin Carman is an inter-art Tasmanian devil, working across the USA from West Coast to East throughout the year, leaving a trail of works which include painting, stone sculpture, eco-art installation, performance art, and printed matter. Recent exhibitions have been I Need(2010) and Fly Fly Fly (2012) in Ventura, California at Sylvia White Gallery, as well an east coast exhibition of stone sculpture at the Coop gallery in Asheville, North Carolina. Also, Lettresauvage, in Santa Paula, CA is presently publishing Fly Fly Fly, by Kevin Carman, with linoleum blockprint illustrations by the artist.


by Kevin Carman

things that make me cry, by Kevin Carman, 4′ x 5′ acrylic, 2010


by Kevin Carman

bust of Homor, by Kevin Carman, texas limestone, 2011

Performance Art

I Need, by Kevin Carman, performance art at Sylvia White Gallery, 2010

Printed Matter

Kevin Carman co-producing Fly Fly Fly at Lettresauvage. Fly Fly Fly is a hand printed letter press work, text by Kevin Carman, with illustrations done in linoleum by the artist.

Eco-art Installation

by Kevin Carman

the nest, by Kevin Carman, eco-installation, eucalyptus and willow, interior dimensions 8′ x 8′ x 8′, (2011). Installation built 17′ feet off the ground in a eucalyptus tree.


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